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“You Don’t Have Any Right To Tell Your Favourites Who To Love And What To Do” – BBN Sammie Addresses Fans

Big Brother Shine Ya Eye housemate, Sammie has taken to Twitter to finally speak sense into fans who are always forcing decisions on housemates.

As per a very lengthy series of posts, Sammie tells fans that they have no right to their favorites who to love and who not to. Some fans go as telling them who is right and who isn’t for them. All these put a lot of pressure on the housemate.

Imagine strangers telling u to break up with ur partner cos THEY not attracted to them or He/She aren’t right for u cos of where they’re from. THEY don’t know how this person treats u or how u feel about this person. THEY just feel like ur partner isn’t “cute” Enough for YOU! Lmao.

Who gives you the right to tell someone who doesn’t even know you are existing who to love and infact what to do? Did you create the person? Y’all on social media need to mind your business respectfully. Public figure doesn’t mean their love life or who they choose is your biz!

The people who get validations from social media platforms need to check in with their therapist cos that not real life. Y’all trying to please the pple who just be all over the net switching public figures who they like and having just mere opinions! They don’t kw I like that, do you!

If u love me as you claim, you would love who I love and fw whoever I fw, that’s real fan love, I ain’t gon force a vibe or play along with your fantasy because you a Fan. If u love me, you’d know I am no fool or you can as well love my foolish self if that’s the case. Thanks

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