Man Calls Out His Girlfriend Who Dumped Him To Marry A Soldier Officer ( See Photo) | GistsNaijaGistsNaija Man Calls Out His Girlfriend Who Dumped Him To Marry A Soldier Officer ( See Photo) | GistsNaija

Man Calls Out His Girlfriend Who Dumped Him To Marry A Soldier Officer ( See Photo)

A heartbroken Ghanaian man has taken to the social media platform Facebook to criticise his ex-girlfriend for marrying a soldier officer.

Uncle Bless in his Facebook post, claimed this occurred after he has her rented an apartment and set up a business for her.

The heartbroken Ghanaian man also alleged that after he questioned her on her relationship with the soldier, she claimed “he’s like a brother to her”.


He wrote:-

You are getting married today wow that’s beautiful, everyone definitely gonna wish you congratulations and I will also wish you some.

Is it not the same boy I ask you about when we were dating you said he is nothing to you, you quoted he is like a brother to you? (brother) everyone won’t know we were dating because you hide the relationship from everyone and let everyone knows am nothing to you and can’t date you right before you finally accepted  my proposal we’re you there alone, your friend Roberta was aware or not aware, you let everyone know her as a bad girl so we all can hate her right.

You bill me of sorts of things from Rent, money for business, everything when you were attack spiritually who did you bill, any little money I get you to have it in your account, you told me you got a job at Aflao so we need to rent. you got that money within few days, you later said your previous place at sogakofe your bill needed to be renewed I did that with my poverty money.

You let everyone knows we are not dating, after draining me down totally you just came to ask me who knows I rented for you and why should someone knows I rent for you. You blocked me wow because you finished ur mission of draining the poor guy down, I don’t wear uniform right so you need someone who wears some, and those who will attack me am waiting for you.

An ungrateful human being, today is your wedding day, wow all the guys you dupe are aware right.

If I talk much I will offend God but keep in mind the guy you duped and feels he is poor and stupid guy is alive and make sure you live a life well because the curse all the guys are preparing won’t stop hunting you. it’s funny everyone seeing you wearing an immigration uniform.

I don’t want to talk about that because it’s part of you, you can lie lie lie more than everyone on this earth you Rubby today is your wedding day right May God bless the union okay I will come back and post all our chat here for updates.

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