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(lighter flick)
Puff puff pass ma nigga, don’t let the greed choke you

I’m in love with the sound
In love with the bars                X3
In love with the rap
I’m in love with the grind…
I’m in love with the sound, in love with the grind
Ma nigga I’m in love with the music
This days I see nothing when the eyes closed
Except a blank cheque, couple commas and some zeros
The money must be made bruh
I got my mind made up
I’m tryna get ma game up
Y’all niggas better pay up when I show
I leave the fans thirsty when I flow
And leave the haters flooded when I flow
Like a river mana flow
No blaadclat cyan pull me down
Mi only smile fi mi paper mi a money minded clown
So when mi step inna the scene mi and ma niggas don’t shout
We let the action do the talking like the dumbs on instagram dawg
And when the ladies wanna show up
We fix a date and invite more female fans
Ma nigga its all love..
I got a lot on ma mind you wanna park your car?
Burn trees all day, nigga I could fly
I ain’t loyal to the game, I’m aware of that
I want money, I want fame, I wanna be a supastar
I ain’t loyal to the game, I ain’t proud of that
Rappers fix up your life I’m a victim of that
But I could switch between genres nigga!
I could be a Rapstar, Rasta, still do commercial
Man, my brain don dey hot and
E don dey burn my Ic
Too many flows too much waves like a high sea
I’ve been on my grind since
And I don dey rhyme since
I don dey flow since the days of Moses like the red sea
Nigga please don’t confuse it
Make these songs so everyone can use it
Drop a bomb amma diffuse it
2018 mana coming with the vibe get used to it
this days if I no shhhhh
my brain no dey function
all play, no work makes you a fool
so amma shun fun
meet them at the junction
these fools running too much
hit  them on the dot d.o.t make a fool stop!
you understand that line? No
join the other queue
that line ain’t meant for dumb fishes like you sounding like barbeques
ziiimm full the head but the music going no where
jah bless the grind, elevate the music this year
bouye! This bad man sick in rhyming
nurses always come around to twerk their shiit beside me
something smells really bad its on the ground beside me
all I do is stay low key Re Mi Fa So La Ti.. Do!
Mana hardest, mana highest
When freestyling mana baddest,mana tightest
And my gyal be the finest
Queen like royal highness
Shawty give me sweet love
She know mi deserve it
I give her one now she satisfied
Cloud 9 ma nigga we both touch the sky
And to touch the sky, we both had to fly
Daily bread achiever shawty call me master of art ma nigga!
Yo mr moore no mix no master, lets get this shii out by tonight.
Fire fi fire marliq always pon dat, Daily bread achiever be out in a couple of weeks y’all.
Rastabwouy confiidential
Slow mehn squad S.m.s
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