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Check This Out!! And See The Lies We Grew Up Believing About Adulthood [Share Yours]

Growing up then, we all couldn’t wait for a point in our lives where we’d be able to move out of our parents houses, and have the freedom we think we desire. 

However, here are some lies we grew up believing about adulthood…

1. After You Finish Schooling, You Can Rest:

The truth is, most of us have not rested since primary school days, and it is always from one challenging stage to another.

2. You Will Meet Your Partner And Soon As Adulthood Kicks In and You Both Will Live Together Happily Ever After:

Of course, some people gets lucky and don’t have to go through stages of breakfast to find the right one before settling down finally.


3. Majority Of The Things You Learn In School Will Be Useful:

While some courses and subjects may be helpful in your field, we all can relate with the fact that many graduates do not practice what they learnt in school.


4. Moving Out From Your Parents House Will Be Fun:

Moving out of your parents house comes with a huge extra expenses like house rents, Utility Bills, Food and mental stress.

5. Freedom to keeping late nights Is a Great Idea:

This will work until you get a 9-5 job that leaves you exhausted to sleep by 9pm, knowing that you can’t sleep past 6am the next morning to go to work.


Tell us guys 👇👇

What Other Lies Did You Grow Up Believing About Adulthood then??

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