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7 Lessons From Dr. Ughwanogho In The Word And Wisdom Conference Held 20th November, 2018 Tagged : Leadership And Social Justice

1) Politics is all about who gets what, when and how and so, those who are not involved get nothing but what is decided for them. It is all about decision and it is a game of appropriation.
2) No one should alienate any political party without considering the specks in their own system.
3) The highest form of development is the Development of human beings. the human brain is the most important resource, not cheap oil in Niger Delta that has clogged our mentality from better alternatives to sustainable development and peaceful environment.
4) We are all responsible. From voters to representatives, it is broken. When you collect money for election and work against your free will, and later a child dies because doctors are on strike for not been paid salaries, that child died because of your decision to sell your vote, your right.
5) Anytime anyone disrupts the peaceful process of electing consensus candidate through the ballot, they overthrow the sovereign will of the people… It is worse than a military coup.
6) Look at the personalities of those we want to vote to represent us and ask important questions of services rendered outside of politics, can they enter into a social contract of accountability with the people and what is their level of expertise?
7) Representatives should be committed first, to addressing the issues of the people they represent and if some have refused to represent well, others who believe they can should come out and be part of the political sanitation.
Dr. Ovie Ughwanogho is simply the best.
He is a servant leader, a man who believes in freedom for all. He believes that human capacity development is more important than exploration of mineral resources.
He believes that we must pay the price of freedom… We must act right.
Yes we Can!
Dr. Ughwanogho is the messenger with a clear message of #UrhoboReawkening
Social Democratic Party (SDP) is the platform.
Delta Central is the domain.
The Red chamber is the destination.
Counsellor Dennis Agori.
Media Assistant to Dr. Ughwanogho
FOR PROMOTION PURPOSES ON Gistsnaija.com.ng PLATFORM CONTACT GAIUS OTUTU ON CALL +234(0)8141671219 OR VIA EMAIL – Gaius.Godwin.og@Gmail.Com

FOR PROMOTION PURPOSES ON Gistsnaija.com.ng PLATFORM CONTACT OTUTU GAIUS OR CALL +234(0)8141671219 OR VIA EMAIL – Gaius.Godwin.og@Gmail.Com

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